It all started when…

… many people visited the Photo Space gallery and talked about how photography had helped them cope with illness, mental and physical, with loneliness, bereavement and other stresses. Photography was their “lifeline”.  

Then, in April 2017, we attended a talk by a photographer Paul Sanders who began by saying, "Landscape photography started as a form of therapy for me, as I struggled to cope with the pressure and stress of my previous job as Picture Editor of The Times. Looking at nearly 20,000 images every day and the associated responsibilities left me suffering with stress, depression, insomnia and anxiety. Through my photography, I was able to express myself where words failed me. It became a lifeline.

This was a trigger to make us think seriously about how our gallery may be able to help. The idea developed after a meeting with Jim Hawkins, BBC Radio Shropshire, who talked about his experience of mental health issues. Photography became his lifeline.

If photography helps so many, can it help more?

We believe it can.

The result is a the Photo Space Charity CIO.

Registered number 1184898